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Jose Gracia

“I lost 25 lbs on the pills (Phentermine and Topamax). At first I had my doubts.
Now I have the energy to work out. Soon I will start Semaglutide injections as told by Dr. Malhotra
Truly, it makes me feel happy and confident. ”

Gina Cirda

“It is hard to believe for me that with just the pills and Dr. Malhotra’s diet advice I have lost more that 50 lbs”

Cindy Cowling

“I have lost 50 lbs since March when I started Phentermine. I first met Dr. Malhotra in 2014 and really like him. He is the best. I’m so happy with the weight loss and have to shop for new clothes though. It’s easy to order medications online from his clinic. It is reasonable and affordable!”

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Skinny shot contain?

Skinny Shot Injection is a combination of amino acids, and vitamins used to aid in transporting fat and removing it from the body

What is the benefit of Skinny Shot?

It has multiple benefits – weight Loss, boost energy, increases metabolism, better sleep pattern, and improves mood

How does Skinny Shot help me?

The purpose of the Lipotropic and Vitamin B12 is to improve energy levels, boost metabolism and help burn fat
L-Carnitine is to give you the extra boost for your fitness routine. It helps to preserve lean muscle while helping you burn fat and increases your metabolism.

How do I take Skinny shot?

Intramuscular (IM) Injection, self-administered in frontal thigh area.

How frequently do I inject Skinny Shot?

Twice a week

How long does the Vial last for?

Each vial would last 5 weeks

Does Skinny shot have side effects?

Pain or redness at the injection site, Itching all over body. Muscle cramps and weakness

Muscle cramps and weakness

Upset stomach and urinary problems

Unusual tiredness