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Jose Gracia

“I lost 25 lbs on the pills (Phentermine and Topamax). At first I had my doubts.
Now I have the energy to work out. Soon I will start Semaglutide injections as told by Dr. Malhotra
Truly, it makes me feel happy and confident. ”

Gina Cirda

“It is hard to believe for me that with just the pills and Dr. Malhotra’s diet advice I have lost more that 50 lbs”

Cindy Cowling

“I have lost 50 lbs since March when I started Phentermine. I first met Dr. Malhotra in 2014 and really like him. He is the best. I’m so happy with the weight loss and have to shop for new clothes though. It’s easy to order medications online from his clinic. It is reasonable and affordable!”

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do I pay for Semaglutide?

The total cost for the Low and Medium dose (up to 1.0 mg weekly) is $229 a month, includes provider visit, medication and shipping costs.
Most patients only stay on low and medium dose. Some patients would need high dose of 2 mg weekly

What is the cost for High dose Semaglutide (2 mg weekly) ?

The total cost is $289 a month, includes provider visit, medication and shipping costs.

Do I need high dose Semaglutide (2 mg weekly) ?

Most patients usually only need low and medium dose to achieve the desired weight loss ( up to 15%)
The data from the study shows that most patients lose around 12% on medium dose (1.2 mg weekly) versus 14% on high dose (2 mg weekly)

How much weight do I lose on Semaglutide ?

Based on the trials, patients lost up to 15% from baseline. We expect you to lose betweeen 8-15% of the body weight. However, very few percent of the patients in the trials did not lose much weight.

How long can I be on Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is used as a treatment for obesity with the aim of promoting sustainable weight loss. The recommended duration of treatment with semaglutide for obesity may vary, but it is generally considered for longer-term use. In clinical trials evaluating semaglutide for obesity treatment, the treatment duration has typically ranged from several months to over a year.

What is the dosing schedule for Semaglutide?

We start you on low dose of 0.25 mg weekly for first 4 weeks. and increase dose every 4 week.
During next 4 weeks, 5th to 8th week you are on 0.5 mg weekly
If you tolerate the dose, it is increased to 1 mg weekly from 9th week onwards. The dose of 1 mg a week can continue as maintenance dose.
The highest dose of 2.0 mg is implemented only if you have not achieved the desired weight loss and can affordability the higher cost of the treatment.

How do I get Semaglutide ?

After you met with the prescriber, they will order the medication for you.
The medication is shipped directly to your home from the Compounding Pharmacy.

Once I have received Semagltudeo how do I store Semaglutide ?

We recommend for you to store Semaglutide in the refrigerator.

How do I take or inject Semaglutide ?

Semaglutide in an injection form. You need to draw the prescribed amount of medication from the vial.
Use proper sterile technique. Clean the site with alcohol swab before injecting.
The needle provided to you is for subcutaneous injection. The needle goes below the skin level.
It is safe to inject on abdomen, upper part of the arm or thigh. Use different sites every week to inject.

What is the recommended dose ?

The usual starting dose of semaglutide is 0.25 mg once a week. After four weeks, the dose is typically increased to 0.5 mg once a week.
In a study called the STEP trial (Semaglutide Treatment Effect in People with Obesity), which included individuals with obesity without type 2 diabetes, semaglutide was evaluated at a dose of 2.4 mg once a week.

How does Semaglutide work ?

GLP-1 Receptor Activation: Semaglutide activates the GLP-1 receptors in the body. GLP-1 is a naturally occurring hormone that is released from the intestine in response to food intake. It plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels.
Glucose Regulation: By activating GLP-1 receptors, semaglutide increases insulin secretion from the pancreas in a glucose-dependent manner. This means that insulin is released when blood sugar levels are elevated, helping to bring them down.
Insulin Sensitivity: Semaglutide also improves insulin sensitivity in peripheral tissues like muscles and liver. This means that the body becomes more responsive to the action of insulin, allowing it to utilize glucose more effectively.
Slowing Gastric Emptying: Another effect of semaglutide is the slowing down of gastric emptying, which refers to the rate at which food leaves the stomach and enters the intestines. By delaying gastric emptying, semaglutide helps to control the rise in blood sugar after meals.
Reduced Appetite: Semaglutide also acts on the brain’s appetite centers, leading to a decrease in appetite and a feeling of fullness. This can contribute to weight loss, and that’s why semaglutide is also being explored as an obesity treatment.

Is Semagltuide Safe for me to use ?

It is FDA approved medication but can have side effects.
Common side effects of semaglutide can include:
Gastrointestinal Symptoms: The most frequently reported side effects are gastrointestinal in nature, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. These symptoms are usually mild to moderate and tend to improve over time.
Hypoglycemia: Semaglutide, when used in combination with other blood sugar-lowering medications like sulfonylureas or insulin, can increase the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is important to closely monitor blood sugar levels and adjust the dosage of other medications as needed.
Injection Site Reactions: Some individuals may experience injection site reactions, such as redness, itching, or swelling at the injection site. Proper injection techniques can help minimize these reactions.
Gallbladder Disorders: There have been rare reports of gallbladder-related adverse events, including gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.

It’s worth noting that the safety and side effects of semaglutide may vary among individuals, and some people may experience different or no side effects at all. It’s essential for you to call us, or email us if you experience any side effects. Incase of moderate to severe side effects please go to the nearby emergency room.

What is sequential weight loss treatment ?

After initial treatment with Phentermine/Topamax for few months the patient is swithced over to Semaglutide.
This approach helps patients to maximise weight loss by working different mechanism of actions of medications.