Is it true ? Semaglutide reduces Alcohol intake. #alcoholfreelife
Recently while interacting with some of my patients and friends they told me that their desire to
drink beer and alcohol on Semaglutide has diminished. Exploring further, they told me that the
beer and the alcohol drink does not taste good. Some of them have completely stopped
drinking, while others have cut it down significantly. This effect seems to be more pronounced in
beer drinkers as per my interaction and observation.
This is good news for a lot of people struggling with inability to limit alcohol intake. Being a liver
specialist, I’m super excited. It gives me an option that did not exist before to save the liver and
lives. As we know alcohol gets metabolized in the liver and leads to liver damage. The liver
damage starts with fatty liver, and progresses to cirrhosis with ongoing consumption of alcohol.
With these new medication GLP-1 agonists like Semagltudide (ozempic), Tirzepatide
(Mounjaro) we are hoping to prevent liver damage. #cirrhosis
We know GLP-1 agonists reduce gastric motility, hence people feel full faster and with smaller
quantities of ingestion of food. The same logic applies to drinking hence people drink less
amount of alcohol on these medications. It’s quite possible if there is a neural pathway that also
diminishes the desire to drink. With ongoing studies we shall be able to find these answers.

semaglutide #tirzepatide

While researching this question I came across an ongoing trial listed on the website.
Does Semaglutide Reduce Alcohol Intake in Patients With Alcohol Use Disorder and Comorbid
Obesity? NCT05895643
I have started a Weight loss program and prescribe Semagluide routinely. The program is
Virtual, and all you need is an Online visit with us. We are here to help you with your alcohol
abuse and addiction.

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